01. The wind [blows] cold across the plains in winter.
02. He [blew] a tire about six minutes into the race and had to stop.
03. I really [blew] it with my new girlfriend. I forgot her birthday and then called her by my old girlfriend's name.
04. I totally [blew] my final exam, and I think I've probably failed the course because of it.
05. The wind [blew] my hat off when I was on the ferry and I lost it.
06. The little girl [blew] out the candles on her birthday cake and made a silent wish.
07. She got sand [blown] in her eyes at the beach.
08. He [blew] on his coffee to cool it down.
09. She [blew] on her cold fingers to warm them up.
10. The referee [blew] his whistle to stop the play.
11. The explosion [blew] out windows all over the area.
12. He won the lottery and then [blew] all his money on cars, booze and women.
13. My son keeps [blowing] his allowance on candy.
14. During the fight he received a [blow] to the face that broke his nose.
15. The Cuban boxer landed a couple of good [blows] right at the start of the match.
16. Getting dumped by the woman he loved was a terrible [blow] to his ego.
17. Rubber is the ingredient in gum which allows the chewer to [blow] bubbles.
18. You'll [blow] the electrical circuit if you try to use too many appliances at once.
19. Close the window; the draft is [blowing] my papers around.
20. If blood or clear fluid drains from the nose or ear following a [blow] to the head, phone a doctor immediately.
21. I couldn't see because the wind had [blown] sand in my eyes.
22. Everyone was [blowing] horns, and banging pots to celebrate the New Year.
23. A migrating gray whale has a predictable breathing pattern, generally [blowing] 3-5 times in 15-30 second intervals before submerging for 3-5 minutes.
24. The victim died from a single [blow] to the head.
25. There is an Iranian proverb which observes that the mediator in a fight gets all the [blows].
26. After receiving a [blow] to the head, the player was confused and disoriented, and had to leave the game.
27. Don't plug the toaster and the iron into the same outlet or you'll [blow] a fuse.
28. The first line of John McCrae's famous war poem reads, "In Flanders Fields the poppies [blow], between the crosses row on row."
29. The wind rushed through the trees, [blowing] the leaves off, and bending the branches.
30. Firefighters fear that if the wind changes direction, it could [blow] the fire in the direction of a nearby town.
31. The sun was shining, and a warm breeze was [blowing].
32. The [blow] to his head broke his neck, killing him instantly.
33. Now that the tent is up, we'd better pound some stakes into the ground to keep it from [blowing] around in the wind.
34. Because the banana stalk is not woody and is 93% water, even moderate winds can [blow] down a plant.
35. A stiff breeze was [blowing], so we couldn't play badminton on our outdoor court.
36. This is a great day for sailing; there is a good breeze [blowing], and the sun is shining.
37. A number of telephone poles were [blown] over in an enormous windstorm we had last year.
38. The lack of mountains in Denmark means that winds [blowing] in from the sea can quickly sweep across the entire country.
39. Comedian Bob Hope once remarked, "I do benefits for all religions - I'd hate to [blow] the hereafter on a technicality."
40. It was a real [blow] to his pride when he lost his job.
41. The party's poor showing in the election has come as a severe [blow] to the leader, who is now facing calls for his resignation.
42. Rising gas prices have come as a real [blow] to our plans to expand.
43. Camels have three eyelids to protect their eyes from the desert's [blowing] sand.
44. Llamas are said to be friendly curious animals which greet another llama by softly [blowing] on each other.
45. During hot weather, bees will fan their wings at the hive entrance to [blow] cool air through the hive.
46. In Japanese culture, it is considered rude to [blow] your nose in public.
47. It was really [blowing] hard last night, and a dead tree came down near our house.
48. The wind [blows] cold off the ocean in the evening.
49. A Chinese proverb states that the greatest conqueror is he who overcomes the enemy without a [blow].
50. Martin Luther once said remarked that the human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea, driven about by winds [blowing] from all four corners of heaven.
51. A French proverb states, "Let him who is cold [blow] the fire."
52. A German proverb notes that he who has burned his mouth [blows] his soup.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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